M1 for low-emission building materials

Various chemicals are emitted from building and interior decoration materials into indoor air. The classification presents emission requirements for building materials, fixture and furniture used in office and residential buildings with respect to good indoor air quality. Read more

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M1-IV logo en - Cleanliness class for air

M1 cleanliness class for air-handling components

The objective of the Cleanliness Classification is to ensure the good quality of the supply air flowing through a new air-handling system. It is intended to be used in the design and construction of healthier and more comfortable buildings and their mechanical systems. Read more

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RTS Environmental Classification

The new RTS environmental classification system is designed for parties who are commissioning construction projects and who want to build in an environmentally responsible manner. Read More

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RTS EPD Environmental Product Declaration

RTS EPD is a reliable source of environmental information. RTS EPDs help building contractors, constructors and planners to better understand the environmental issues related to construction products and materials. Read more

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