The Cleanliness Classification of air-handling components helps to ensure the good quality of the supply air flowing through a new air-handling system

M1 Classification of air-handling components is admistrated by Building Information. It is a voluntary system open to all manufacturers, importers and exporters of air-handling components and systems.

The Cleanliness Classification is part of Classification of Indoor Environment 2018, which is intended to be used in the design and construction of healthier and more comfortable buildings and their mechanical systems.

The Cleanliness Classification is based on general and component-group-specific requirements. The general requirements for a classified component are:

  • a classified component shall not increase the concentration of contaminants that are detrimental to health or comfort in the air handling system or supply air
  • a classified component shall not produce odours, gaseous or particulate contaminants that decrease the quality of supply air
  • a classified component shall be easy to clean

Cleanliness Classification is product and company specific

Companies which have been granted the M1 label may use it for marketing purposes. Building Information maintains and publishes a freely accessible database of currently classified products.

Components within classification

At the moment following product groups are within the classification:

  • ducts and fittings
  • air and fire dampers
  • terminal devices
  • sound attenuators
  • air filters