Valid classification fees as of January 1st 2022.

By sending a M1 classification application the applicant agrees to pay Building Information Ltd the classification fee according to the valid price list. The classification fee is the same for all three types of applications (new, continuation, and renewal). The certificate and the right to use the M1 label is valid for three (3) years.

Single products

  • 1,130 € per product
  • 1,060 € per product for second product from same company classified together with the first product
  • 1,020 € per product for third and following products from the same company classified together with the previous products

Product groups

If the products to be classified are very similar, these products can form a product group. The product grouping and selection of products to be tested is always decided prior to testing. For more information, please see page How to apply for M1 Cleanliness Classification.

  • 1,370 € per product group (2–3 products)
  • 1,750 € per product group (4–7 products)
  • 1,950 € per product group (8 or more products)

Other fees

Each classification fee includes one (1) M1 certificate.

  • Additional language versions of the M1 certificate: 105 € per certificate
  • Adding an alternative product name to an existing M1 certificate: 105 € per product + certificate fee
  • Adding a product to an existing product group: 105 € per product + certificate fee
  • Certificate fee 105 € per certificate

Building Information Ltd withholds the right to change the fees.

Building Information Group is registered for VAT purposes. Therefore, value added tax (VAT) 24% is added to invoices if applicable. In case of invoicing VAT registered customer located in other EU member state, the invoicing is VAT 0% and reverse charge applies. In case the customer is located outside the EU and is considered as taxable person, the invoicing is VAT 0%.