Testing of products

The company applying for the M1 Cleanliness Classification shall first contact an approved testing laboratory to prepare a testing plan. The testing plan must be approved by the technical working group at Building Information prior to testing. After this, the tests are carried out according to the testing plan.

Practical information concerning the selection, packaging and delivery of the product samples is given by the testing laboratory. All testing fees are paid directly to the testing laboratory.

After successful testing the applicant can apply for the M1 Cleanliness Classification by submitting an application. The application must include the following:

  • test report(s)
  • technical data sheet(s) or a brochure with technical specifications
  • declaration of fulfilling the product-type-specific requirements

When submitting M1 application, the test report must not be more than one (1) year old. All documents and other information submitted by applicants are handled confidentially.

Applications are handled by the technical working group

All M1 applications are always evaluated in accordance with the current requirements set for testing methods and the criteria set for the products.

Building Information will inform the applicant about the working group’s decision after the working group meeting. If the application is approved, the classification certificate and other documents are emailed to the applicant. Classified products and the holder of the classification are published in the M1 database.

Validity of the Classification

The classification is issued for three (3) years. If the composition and method of manufacturing the product have not changed, the classification can be continued by application for another three years without testing provided that the required testing methods and the criteria set for the products have not altered fundamentally.

If the classification of the product has already been continued without testing, the product shall be tested again for the renewal of the classification.

The holder of right of use is under an obligation to give the Building Information Foundation prior notice of changes relating to the methods of manufacturing the product, its composition etc. if these changes affect the properties on the basis of which the classification was granted.

Product labelling and marketing

Right of use of a classification label (M1-logo) provides the company the right to label the classified product and to use the label for marketing purposes. The company must use the valid classification symbol, which is a registered trade mark.

The classification label can be used for advertising and marketing the classified product alone. The classification label must not be used in marketing in such a way that it refers to the company as a whole or to products which have not been granted classification. It is not allowed to use stick-on labels, decal or glued labels in marketing.