The online content of Environmental Services will be renewed in September 2023 

The websites of Rakennustieto’s Environmental Services, i.e. M1 Emission Classification of Building Materials, M1 Cleanliness Classification of Ventilation Products, EPD, Climate Declaration, and Environmental Classification, will be updated in September 2023, when the current pages will be replaced by the new pages. With the reform, the contents of the website will be updated, and the pages will in the future contain even more instructions that support the application process, for example. 

Along with the website renewal, the systems of M1 Classifications, EPD and Climate Declaration will also change. With the change, the application forms and processes will be modernized and become better for the applicants. The reform brings e.g. following features: 

  • Applications are submitted logged in through the application portal, in which case the applicant can monitor the progress of their application and, if necessary, complete their application in the portal based on a request for additional information. 
  • M1 and EPD certificates are no longer sent to the applicant by e-mail, but the documentation can be downloaded from the portal after the application has been approved. 
  • The holder of the classification or EPD can see in the portal all their products with an M1 Classification or a published EPD, and is thus better able to manage, for example, their upcoming classification or EPD renewal needs. 

If the processing of your application is in progress when the pages taken down, you do not need to submit a new application through the new system. Applications are processed to completion in the old system, or if that is not possible, incomplete applications are transferred to the new system by Rakennustieto.