We are on holiday 21st of December – 10th of January

We will start our holidays at the latest on Wednesday, 23rd of December. We will respond to your queries again in January.

The M1-team (Arja and Minttu) will return to work at the latest on 11th of January. Laura Sariola will return 1st of February, 2021.

The M1 technical work group will have their meeting the next time on 21st of January. The EPD work group meeting will take place once before Christmas, 21st of December. Please send us your M1 or EPD applications in good time before the meeting. The next meeting dates will be announced in the front page of each service (M1, EPD)

We wish everyone safe and happy holidays!

Laura Sariola
Arja Valtanen
Minttu Haaparanta