The auditors are experts authorised by the Building Information Foundation RTS to audit projects. A project’s auditors cannot perform any other functions on the same project (such as project manager).

RTS arranges training for auditors. The training involves a diverse range of information related to auditing tasks, and it provides participants with the capabilities required to complete an auditing test. Participants who pass the test can become authorised RTS environmental classification auditors if they desire. RTS invites auditors to audit projects; auditors cannot select projects independently. The auditing training course is only open to participants who have completed the training course on the foundations of the RTS Environmental Classification. Further information about training is in the news section.

RTS’s classification working group processes auditing reports covering the design and construction phases, confirms the classification, and certifies the project. Certified projects are listed on the website. If desired, the client can also audit the usage phase. Auditing of the usage phase is mandatory for five-star projects.

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