Information for auditors

The auditors, who are trained experts authorised by the Building Information Foundation RTS, inspect the contents and scores of the reports saved on the tool and decide whether to grant approval. RTS’s classification working group processes the auditing reports, confirms the classification, and certifies the project. RTS sends a certificate of approval to the project owner.

RTS arranges training for auditors. The training involves a diverse range of information related to auditing tasks, and it provides participants with the capabilities required to complete an auditing test. Participants who pass the test can become authorised RTS Environmental Classification auditors if they desire. RTS invites auditors to audit projects; auditors cannot select projects independently. The auditing training course is only open to participants who have completed the training course on the foundations of the RTS Environmental Classification.

Information for designers

The client reviews the target levels for each criteria and the environmental targets for the project as a whole in conjunction with the designer and environmental consultant. Requirement specification involves defining the target level for which solutions will be designed.

Designers operate as planners of environmental matters for the projects to which they have been nominated, and they input design documents into the RTS Environmental Classification Tool and receive instructions from the tool. Clear targets are set for designers, who are also provided with instructions on reaching the targets. Designers also receive feedback on their work.

The classification criteria cards state the reports that the designer must produce for the client on the tool. In general, the verification documents are reports, drawings, and forms, which are widely used on construction projects. Separate form templates exist for some verification documents, such as Checklist P3.1 Managing environmental matters on the construction site. (please see the Materials-page).

The client invites designers to use the tool. Designers must have a valid personal user licence.

Training is arranged for designers, who are provided with basic information on the RTS Environmental Classification and the use of the RTS Environmental Classification Tool.