You can apply for an RTS EPD by submitting Building Information an application. Please send us all the necessary materials with the application at least 3 working days prior to the meeting. If the application is not submitted early enough, we cannot guarantee that it will be handled in the meeting. The meeting dates are listed on the front page.

In order for companies to apply for RTS EPDs, they must attach the following information:

  • signed environmental declaration
  • verification report
  • verification checklist
  • communication report (between author of the EPD and verifier)
  • project report
  • product information sheet
  • instructions of use
  • EPD information in ILCD+EPD format as an XML file or ZIP file and excel-file (EN15804:2019)

Note! If the application is missing attachments, it will not be handled by RTS EPD work group. The process will be started only after all the necessary attachments are received.

Read more about the environmental declarations and the approval process in RTS EPD Guideline. You can download the Guideline here.

RTS EPDs are approved by a workgroup set up by the PT42 RT EPD Committee. The workgroup ensures that the declaration, the verification certificate and the application contain all essential information. We notify the company of the approval, after which the company has the right to use the RTS EPD logo in conjunction with the declaration.

PT42 Committee approved EPDs compiled according to EN15804 + A1 until 7/2022. From 8/2022 PT42 will approve EPDs’ compiled only according to EN15804+A1+A2 (EN15804:2019).

In accordance with EN 15804, declarations are valid for five years after verification. One can apply for the right to use the RTS EPD logo during the period of validity of the declaration.

The approved declarations are listed on the our website where all approved and valid declarations are listed.

Furthermore, companies have the possibility to get the RTS EPD listed in Building Information’s product information service (RT-tuotetieto).

Please see the RTS EPD Publication fees here.

Many companies use an external operator to make the EPD, especially when making the first declaration. There are many operators on the market and here are some listed. All approved verifiers are also skilled EDP authors.