RTS EPD publication fees paid to the Building Information Ltd, valid from January 10, 2023, no annual fee:

Single products:

PriceProductValidity / years
1750 € One product 5
1690 € 2-3 products from the same company at once5
1640 € 4-10 products from the same company at once 5
1510 € 11+ products from the same company at once 5

Product groups:

Price Product Validity / years
2220 € one product group (2-5 products) 5
2560 € one product group (6-12 products) 5
2790 € one product group (13-19 products) 5
3000 €one product group (20+ products)5

EPD tool and 3 EPDs approved by the principal committee 42

Price Product Validity / years
3380 € one tool from one company/company group 3
three EPDs verified with the tool 5

EPDs compiled using approved (principal committee 42/18) EPD tool

Price Product Validity / years
1270 € one product5
1720 € one product group (2−5 products)5
2075 € one product group (6−12 products) 5
2430 € one product group (13-19 products)5
2650 €one product group (20+ products)5

Ask for a quote if you want to publish more EPDs!

Pre-EPD for a product that does not fulfill the one year production requirement

Publishing fee for a pre-EPD is 55 % of the price of equivalent EPD. (please see the prices for single product EPDs and product group EPDs above). The pre-EPD is valid for 1,5 years.

Publication fee includes:

  • Declaration Certificate in one language. Additional language versions of the certificate 110 € for each language version (can include e.g. all products from the product group).
  • Publication of the EPD in one language. Other language versions are 165 € each.

Other fees:

  • ECO Platform-logo fee is paid in advance for full period of validity, together 970 € /EPD, valid for 5 years (annual cost 194 €/each EPD).
  • Changes that require technical committee approval are 100 € each.
  • Changes that do not require technical committee approval – no additional fee

The prices do not include VAT. VAT 24 % will be added, if applicable.

Building Information Foundation (RTS sr) is registered for VAT purposes. This means that value added tax (VAT) is added to our invoices, if applicable. In case of invoicing to VAT registered customer located in other EU member state, the invoicing is VAT 0 % and reverse charge applies. In case the customer is located outside EU and is considered as taxable person, the invoicing is as well VAT 0 %.

Subject to change fees without notice.

You will find the price list in PDF-format here.