The declarations approved by the Building Information Foundation RTS sr contain all information required by the standard.

The same information is also available in the declaration template. Their main features are as follows:

Product Information

  • Description of the product and its use, product standards, physical properties
  • Main raw materials of products and product description (declared for products brought to the factory) 
  • Substances contained in the product that are covered by the candidate list of REACH SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) 

Calculation principles for life cycle assessment

  • Functional/declared unit
  • RTS EPDs must cover at least the product manufacturing stage, from the acquisition of raw materials to the factory’s gate, i.e. information modules A1 … A3. 
  • RTS EPDs must include modules A4, C1, C2, C3, C4 and D (see instructions on the RTS PCR)
  • Cut-off criteria, Assessment period

Life cycle assessment results

  • Environmental impacts 
  • Use of resources 
  • Waste categories 
  • Other environmental indicators 
  • Other information to be declared (emissions to soil, emissions to surface water, indoor air emissions) 
  • Additional technical information (scenarios used, which help when assessing the building level) 
  • Application, transportation, waste in worksite, End-of-life, waste processing
  • Potentials for reuse, recovery, recycling 
  • Additional information 

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