EPD-tools will provide manufacturers to show environmental impacts and flows and to create environmentally better products to meet increasing requirements placed for the products.

The verification of EPD-tools differs from the verification of independent EPD’s. The appendix A specifies the differences and requirements for verification of an EPD-tool, SAMPLE-EPDs’ and RTS EPDs’ created using an EPD-tool.

The LCA-report/PRE-EPD shall contain all relevant product and production information in suitable form (e.g. data sheet programme, machine readable) to be easily added to the EPD-database and later use e.g in building information modelling.

The RTS EPDs comprised with an EPD-tool are verified. The PT18 RT EPD will accept EPD-tools and with this option the Building Information Foundation RTS sr will establish process to reduce the amount of work in collecting data, performing LCAs and creating RTS EPDs for similar product types. When creating a new EPD-tool, the purpose and target product groups of the tool shall be determined in detail.